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    Solar Home Systems
    As A Greeen Ambassador, You Are Qualified For A
    Solar (Sun) Energy Provision In Your Home
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    Green Homes
    As A Green Ambassador, You Have A Chance To
    Qualify To Own a Home In Our Green Estate
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    Green Wealth
    Let's Teach You & Your Team How To Make Money Doing
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    UN Conferences
    As A Green Ambassador, You Are Qualified to
    Participate In Conferences And High-Level Meetings






Carbon Offsets


Carbon Traded


The Climate Credit Network is an enterprise division of SMEFUNDS; a renewable energy advocacy Organization that has been responsible for the training, support and success of a network of purpose driven professionals who are on a mission to promote, educate and sell commendable and highly innovative renewable energy, Biofuel and Solar powered solutions to commercial and residential markets across Africa. We are building a massive network of individuals whose collective actions would contribute to a remarkable offsett in the quantity of carbon and green house gasses being emitted to the environment.


The Climate Credit Network (CCN) is the Africa's 1st Carbon trading platform to remove the barriers to widespread and adoption of renewable energies, clean technologies and wealth creation patterned after the United Nations Kyoto Protocol Carbon finance mechanism.

If you have goals and dreams, membership in the Climate Credit Network can help you make those dreams turn into a reality.

You too can be powerful, Wealth can be yours. You can build your own refinery without Government license. Emotional well-being can be yours. Financial freedom is within your reach. Dynamic, vibrant health and prosperity for you is now at hand. Learn more

Members says

  • Green is winning the climate war

    Mallam Darri D'an Gimba - Green Centre Director / Ambassador

  • You're God given to the world

    Uchenna Azi - CEO / Green Ambassador

  • The safety of my environment has become my primary concern since I joined CCN

    Dr. Stella Nuels - Green Centre Director